Peanut Butter Making Machine Cost

Stone mill can grind small sesame oil and sesame paste. The company uses advanced technology to turn the animal into a motor to drive the stone mill. Stone-ground sesame paste, pure color, authentic taste, rich in sesame nutrients, and does not contain any metal elements.

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peanut butter making machine cost

Product Description

Electrical Sesame Stone Mill can process many kinds of grain, such as sesame, soybean, rice, wheat and so on. Stone miller is made of natural sandstone. Machine Low working speed, low milling temperature, won’t broken nutrition ingredient of raw material. Food contact part and machine appearance all are made of 304 stainless steel.


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single model


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Main Features

1. Green and environmental protection: using sandstone as raw material, containing a variety of trace elements and minerals, green and environmentally friendly, no pollution.

2. Energy-saving loss: low-speed operation of stone grinding, energy saving, low power consumption, uniform grinding, scientific design, organic combination of machinery and stone grinding, small footprint, easy operation and low cost.

3. Variety: According to different processing materials, it is divided into: flour stone grinding, soy milk stone grinding, sesame oil grinding, rice pulp stone grinding, peanut butter grinding stone, sesame paste grinding stone, household manual soy milk stone grinding, etc., product design science, quality Excellent, loved by users.

Packing and Delievry

♦ Packing 
Our machines are packed in wooden case according to the international export standard.
♦ Transportation
Shipping, train, express, by air or upon clients' demands.

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