Sesame Peanut Butter Machine

This mill is suitable for sesame seed butter , peanut butter , soybean butter , rice butter starch butter and some industrial butter , small volume, easy to move, simple operation low noise, high efficiency, refine butter

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sesame peanut butter machine

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1.All stone of high quality manufactured stone, in the traditional process based on the integration of new technologies, most of the polishing the finished product retains the original nutrition, low speed, low temperature mill, will not damage the wheat, sesame seeds, etc. feed nutrients. It is the real green natural health products.

2. Multi-purpose: it is suitable for peanut and sesame.

3. Low-speed grinding, low temperature processing, grinding temperature is low, does not destroy the nutrients in wheat, stone flour therefore to maximize the retention of the protein in wheat, gluten, carotene, carbohydrates, calcium, authentic: not because of high temperature aging gelatinized starch, protein, gluten-faceted nature has not changed, vitamins, trace elements not destroyed, nutrients remain.

4. The stone contains a variety of minerals, trace elements, natural stone and food friction, mineral nutrients into the raw grain, the natural mixing, seamless, more nutritious.


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This machine applying to mill all kinds of tahini oil , peanut butter ,Sesame oil , and other materials which contain oil .

tahini making machine

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Jinan Enying Machinery co.,ltd ,which is a set design ,development,production,sales ,into an integrated enterprise,specialized in the production of peanut butter or tahini stone grinder machine. We have more than 8 years export experience ,so we can provide you professional advice and supply you the suitable machine. Welcome all customers to contact with us,and looking forward to cooperating with you.

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1. Sales service: 1) Reliable quality 2) Fast and timely delivery 3) Standard export packaging2. After sales service: 1) Assist in setting up factories 2) Installation and technical training3. Other services: 1) Factory construction consultation 2) Knowledge and technology sharing 3) Business development advice



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