Tahini Peanut Butter Machine

there are three kind products, tahini nut butter stone mill, grain flour stone mill, soybean rice milk stone mill. we use natural sandstone, no harm no radiation to health, and rich in minerals. stone mill has slow rotating speed,only 33rpm/min.so the tahini/nut butter not hot, the sesame/nut nutrition, taste and mineral can be kept well, such as protein,VE,calcium,phosphrous, iron etc will not be broken.

Product Details

tahini peanut butter machine

Product Description

Tahini Machine is strong, high quality industrial grinder made entirely of natural stone and stainless steel, is designed to grind sesame seeds in to sesame paste or tahini , no need  recycling the grinding.

Easy operation with just one button, powerful engine, massive stainless steel body, quiet and comfortable operation.

With our Tahini machine, peanut butter, hazelnut paste and tahini can be processed according to your requirement. 

tahini machine for sale

machine working video

Product Application

It can grind: peanut, sesame, cashew nuts, apricot kernel, pine nuts, macadamia nuts, walnut, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cocoa, Miso, fillings, dried fruit, bean…( into nut paste)

This grinder can be used in the following locations: Supermarket, Organic food store, hotels, restaurants, bakeries, breakfast stores, Agricultural production store and household DIY

Ways to enjoy the nut paste: consume directly, bread dressing, natural salad dressing, cold dish sauce, ingredients of cuisines, Japanese style dressing and etc.

tahini maker machine

Main Features

This production line include the sesame cleaning and drying machine,sesame roaster,

automatic feeding machine,grinding machine,filling machine 

and so on.

♦ High output, advanced product design and technology, stable and reliable, mass production 

can improve labor productivity, stability and improve product quality, improve labor 

condition. Stone guarantee five years,  machine guarantee one year.

♦ Simple operation and maintenance, beautiful generous appearance; compact structure, 

smooth working, low noise and long service life.

♦ Different capacity to meet customers different demand, output, good effect, saving time 

and effort, energy efficient, safety and health without pollution.

♦ Electrical safety in line with national standards, security and reliable.

tahini making machine

Technical Information

Cashew nut grinding machine


1. we can customized the machine according client requirment.

2.engineer overseas  provideed if client required.

3.all price we quoted not including any custom duty or import tax. 

4. All emails will be answered within 12 hours, if you interested in our machine, please contact us directly, we could give you the best machine within reasonable price. 

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