Sesame Seeds Butter Grinding Machine

We use natural sandstone, which is harmless to health, non-radiation, and rich in minerals. The speed of the stone mill is slow, only 33rpm/min. Therefore, the tahini sesame is not hot, and the nutrition, taste and minerals of the tahini/sesame can be well maintained, such as protein, vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., will not be destroyed. Because of its low speed, no cooler is needed. It has the advantages of high degree of automation, easy operation and integrated control. , Stable performance and high product quality. It is an ideal processing equipment for producing peanut butter and sesame paste.

Product Details

Sesame seeds butter grinding machine

Product description

Our company combines ancient technology with modern elements to create sesame sandstone driven by stone and driven by electric motor. This type of stone crusher is made of mature sandstone, which is non-toxic, non-radioactive and rich in minerals. It is pure natural sandstone with uniform particle size, hard texture, wear resistance, heat resistance and long service life. Peanut butter sesame sauce is finely ground, the oil yield is high, and the color does not change. It keeps the nutrition of peanuts and sesame to the greatest extent, and has a mellow taste, which makes it easier for the food in the mixed food to maintain the color, aroma and taste.

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Main advantage

(1) We have been engaged in the stone mill business for nearly 40 years. We are the earliest stone mill factory and now the largest stone mill factory in China. The grinding part is handmade and the workers are experienced.

(2) My stone can work continuously for 24 hours. The machine can be used for at least 30 years. The stone is radiation-free, harmless to health, and rich in minerals. We promise that if the stone cracks after 5 years, and not for human reasons, we will provide the stone for free.

(3) My reducer is the latest type of reducer with good quality, including vertical reducer and horizontal reducer.

(4) All parts of the machine contacting food are made of stainless steel. Bearings, cross arms, trays, and hoppers are all stainless steel, and the frame is covered with stainless steel. The thickness we use for the pallet is 2.5mm ss, and the thickness of the hopper is 1.5mm. .Each model has a different intermediate shaft, which is very durable. The pallet and the stone are welded together, no need to be installed and durable.

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tahini machine

tahini machine

Product parameter

stone diamete(CM)capacity(KG/H)voltage(V)power(KW)thickness (CM)Weight(KG)
4552201.1upper stone: 15 bottom stone :13175
50102201.1upper stone:15 bottom stone :13200
60202201.5upper stone:20 bottom stone :18350
70303802.2upper stone:22 bottom stone :20400
80503802.2upper stone:24 bottom stone :22800
1001103807.5upper stone:32 bottom stone :282000
two sets a group22038017.2upper stone:32 bottom stone :28
four sets a group44038032.2upper stone:32 bottom stone :28

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Operation video

Customer visit

Customer visit

Our service

1. Q: What is the voltage of your machine?

Answer: The voltage of all our machines conforms to the national power standard, 220v/380v. If your voltage is different from ours, please inform us in advance and we will customize it according to the specifications of the machine.

2. Q: Can I get the best price?

Answer: Quality is the driving force of a company. We cannot promise the lowest price, but we promise the best quality and the most reasonable price. On the other hand, if your order is larger, you will get a cheaper price!

3. Q: How do we arrange transportation?

Answer: We have cooperated with some reliable shipping companies for several years, and we can be responsible for shipping to your country. If you have freight forwarders in China, we can also cooperate with them!

4. Q: Can we visit your company?

Answer: We are located in Jinan City, Shandong Province, very close to Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport.

Warmly welcome your visit.


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