Soybean Milk Machine Price In India

This mill is suitable for sesame seed butter , peanut butter , soybean butter , rice butter starch butter and some industrial butter , small volume, easy to move, simple operation low noise, high efficiency, refine butter

Product Details

soybean milk machine price in india

Product Description

The stone mill can mill rice, soybean, sesame and walnut.

Stone soybean milk nutritional analysis: the rotary speed of stone is evenly slow running by which the stone mill can retain the quality of soy and pure flavor. Not only can keep high nutrient of bean products, but also the plasma mass is exquisite, bean rich, and avoid the contemporary large mechanical production caused by high temperature and high pressure nutrition of destruction.soybean milk making machine

Product Application

Stone mill adopts sandstone manufacturing, the sandstone has high abrasiveresistance and the best material for making stone mill, it has beautiful appearance and practical.


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Main Features

Fourty years always adhere to the traditional process chisel system stone mill, in strict accordance with the traditional stone grinding tooth Angle and size of pure handmade, the stone grinding tooth meticulous tidy, line clear, sharp incomparable,and in the service life is longer, the higher the tolerance, the raw material grinding faster, better and better.

Scientific design, energy saving, consumption reduction mill uniform; Low speed running electric transmission device and stone mill organic union, area small, low cost. Product design science, quality is excellent, deeply loved by the user.

052203Technical Information

Diameter of stone (cm)Voltage(v)Power(w)Capacity(kg|h)

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Q:are you manufacturer or trading company?

A: we are manufacturer ,we can design and customize the machine according to your needs, if you have time ,welcome to visit our factory.

Q:How do you make your price?

A: We make the price according to our comprehensive costing. And our price will lower than the trade company because we are manufacture.You will get competitive price and better quality.

Q:Can you guarantee your quality?

A:Of course. We are the manufacture factory. More important, we put a high value on our reputation. Best quality is our principle all the time. You can be assured on our production completely.

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