Mini Corn Flour Making Machine

It can process wheat, corn, rice , maize, beans, millet, oats,buckwheat, herb, tea ,sorghum, dry chilli/pepper the advantage of flour stone mill is low rotating speed,only 19-25 rpm/min, so low temperature ,so the flour nutrition and taste such as protein, carotin, VB etc can be kept well . the flour will be more gluten and no need to add any additives.

Product Details

Mini corn flour making machine

Product description

Advantages of stone flour mill:

1. The stone flour machine grinds pure natural stone flour.

2. The stone flour mill is made of ancient stone mills and traditional handcrafts.

3. The flour milled by the stone flour mill is different. The speed of the stone mill is only a dozen revolutions per minute, which generates much less heat than the machine processing, and retains the original flavor of the grain.

4. When modern people chase pure natural and green food, the stone flour mill came into being and entered people's lives.

flour mill flour mill

Product parameter

stone diameter    (cm)

upper stone 


botton stone 


voltage(v) power(kw) capacity(kg/h)
60 18 16 220/380 1.5+0.75 20
70 20 19 380 1.5+0.75 30
80 24 22 380 2.2+0.75 40
100 24 22 380 7.5+0.75 60
automatic single model 100 24 22 380 8 75
Flour production line Customized according to client requirement

Related food

Stone milled grain flour

1. Low-temperature grinding, soft taste, rich wheat aroma and higher nutritional value. It is a truly natural and green healthy food.

2. No additives are added, it is truly pure natural green and pollution-free flour.

3. The low-speed grinding feature of the stone flour mill keeps the molecular structure of the flour undamaged, so its pink color is pure and natural, high in gluten, smooth and delicate, has the advantages of original and pure wheat flavor, and nutrients are easily absorbed.

4. The stone flour machine does not need any additives. When noodles are cooked, the color of the flour soup of the stone flour is light yellow, while the color of other flour soups containing additives is white. The stone flour mill retains the original flavor of wheat.

5. All kinds of pasta made by stone milling machine have soft taste, rich wheat aroma and higher nutritional value. They are truly natural and green healthy foods.

6. The flour processed by the stone mill flour machine retains the protein, carbohydrate, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, B2 and other 12 vitamin nutrients in the wheat. The content of essential vitamin E is 18 times higher than that of machined flour.




food food food

Detailed description

semi autamatic

Operation video

Shop exhibition

shop exhibition shop exhibition

Our company

Our company is a large group company that manages many affiliated factories. The company is located in Zhangqiu City, Shandong Province, China. Our products are widely recognized and trusted by customers. Relying on "competitive prices, superior quality and good service", we have many long-term customers, and we promise to do our best to provide services to each customer

We always adhere to the tenet of seeking development by quality; creating a first-class company and well-known brand; customer first, reputation first. In the face of fierce market competition, we comprehensively strengthen quality management and continuously improve product quality. Realize the sales growth of stone grinding equipment and good cooperation between customers and us.

We have been engaged in the stone mill business for nearly 40 years. We are the earliest stone mill factory, and now we are the largest stone mill factory in China.our company

Our service

1.Electric stone milling  machine

2.Natural sandstone and stainless steel 

3.main parts:stone mill ,motor and reducer 

4.process :sesameseeds,peanuts ,almond,walnut,pine nuts  etc

5.Low working speed, low milling temperature,so nutrients are well kept 

6.Fully automatic: one person to operate a machine with automatic feeding

7.working life :20-30 years 

8.Our stone mill one year quality assurance, not artificial reason, within 5 years split free


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