Mini Flour Mill For Home Price

The stone mill is a machine used to process grains such as rice, wheat, and beans into powder and slurry. Usually made of two cobblestones. Grinding is two flat layers. The junction of the two layers has texture. The grain enters the middle of the two layers from the upper hole, moves outward along the texture, and is ground when rolling across the two layers to form a powder.

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Mini flour mill for home price

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Low-speed grinding and low-temperature processing, Bai will not destroy the nutrients in wheat, so stone-milled flour retains the dao protein, gluten, carotene, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamins in wheat to the greatest extent. Various nutrients such as B1 and B2, especially carotene and vitamin E in stone flour are 18 times higher than other flours.

Its low-speed grinding feature maintains the molecular structure of flour without any additives. When noodles are cooked, the color of the noodle soup of stone-milled flour is light yellow, while the color of other flour noodle soups containing additives is white.

Stone-milled flour retains the original taste of wheat. Various pasta made with stone-milled flour have a soft taste, rich wheat aroma and higher nutritional value. They are truly natural and green healthy foods!


Product parameter

stone diameter(CM)capacity(KG/H)power(kw)voltage(V)Weight(kg)Upper/lower disc thickness
automatic single model 100cm756380

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Product details

flour mill

flour mill

Hopper and tray stainless steel thickness 2mm.

bearing cap


Bearing cap is stainless steel. Thickness 2 mm,bearing and mill navel are both stainless steel.

Food display

flour millflour millflour mill
flour millflour millflour mill

The so-called stone-milled flour is the flour processed by traditional stone milling without any additives, which is a natural healthy flour. When the stone mill grinds wheat, its speed is slow, the heat generated is low, the protein is not matured, and the nutrients in the wheat cannot be destroyed. The carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, B2 and other nutrients in wheat are all retained and easily absorbed. In particular, vitamin E is 21 times that of ordinary flour, and it is the only high-end gift noodle in the flour series. Food is used for patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and postoperative patients. It is also a good product for beauty and beauty.

Advantages of stone flour mill

flour mill

flour mill

Compared with ordinary machine mill, stone mill has its unique advantages in many aspects.

From the perspective of processing technology, the mills used for ordinary grinding have fast running speeds and high processing temperatures, which have a great impact on nutrients such as protein and heat-sensitive vitamins. The traditional stone mill used has excellent characteristics of low speed and low temperature, which can reduce the loss of nutrients and retain the unique aroma of wheat.

From the perspective of nutritional value, most of the flour processed by stone milling is whole wheat flour, while most of the flour processed by machine milling is refined white flour. In contrast, machine-milled flour loses a lot. The nutrients in whole-wheat flour mainly exist in the shell and aleurone layer of grains. The processing temperature and speed of stone milling of flour are low, and the loss is relatively small.

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flour mill

flour mill


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