Home Use Yellow Corn Processing Machine

The flour stone mill machine, made by  traditional technology  and according to the  mesh point  of traditionally technology,manual making the size,the mesh is very fine and neat,clean lines,sharp,long time service.low speed and low temperature grinding,keep nutrition not broken,pure original taste and health.It can process wheat,corn,rice,buckwheat,maize,millet,herb,tea,dry chilli etc.

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Home use yellow corn processing machine

flour mill machine

Flour stone mill Usage:

It is used for making flour from wheat, corn,rice,millet,beans,sorghum,herb,buckwheat,chilli etc.

Main Features:

1)The stone mill use natural sandstone,this kind stone wearing resisting,no radiation and rich in minerals.

2)The stone mill is low rotating speed,only 19rpm/min and low temperature,so the flour nutrition and taste such as protein,carotin,VB etc can be kept well that the flour will be more gluten and not need to add any additives.

3)Using the high quality motor and reducer.

4)The flour mill machine is very durable,it can use at least 30 years.

wheat grinding machinewheat mill machine

wheat flour mill machine

Flour mill machine

stone diameter    (cm)

upper stone 


botton stone 


automatic single model 902422380660
automatic single model 100
Flour production lineCustomized according to client requirement
flour machineflour making machine

wheat flour making machine

wheat grinding machinewheat flour grinder
wheat mill machinewheat flour making machine

wheat flourLow rotating speed and low temperature make the flour nutrition,taste can be kept well,the flour become more gluten and not add any additives.

wheat flour machine

our company is professional supplier in tahini/peanut butter/grain flour stone mill,is a big group company which manages many factory affiliated.located in zhangqiu city, shandong province China

Our products are widely recognized and trusted by clients, we have lots of long-cooperated customers and we pledge to do our best to serve every customer.

wheat flour milling machineflour milling machine
wheat flour machinewheat flour maker

wheat flour making machine

1.For the single machine,we will provide proper model according to customers requirement.
2.For the non-standard equipments and production line,our engineer will design machine layout according to customer workshop and Product processing technology
3.We send engineers and technicians to customers' factory to install the machine and train the worker for the production line.
4.We can provide the machine parts all the time.
5.We will reply your inquiry and email within 24 hours.

wheat flour grinder machinewheat flour grind mill machinewheat mill machine

wheat flour making machine

Delivery method:the machine it will be shipped by ship. we wll deliver the carrgo within 15 workdays after receive the payment.

wheat flour grinding machinewheat flour machine

Packing method:standard export wood case or set the flour mill machine into container. 

wheat grinder machinewheat flour grinding machine
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