Peanut Grinder Mill

peanut butter stone mill can grind peanuts,sesame seeds,nuts and other matirials which contain oil.The nutrition in sesame seeds can be fully ground by low speed and low temperature grinding.

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peanut grinder mill

The tahini stone mill can process sesame, peanut , almond, chestnut, walnut and other nut which contain oil.

The machine raw material is sand stone ,we get them from moutain ,it is wearing resisted ,it can work 24 hours continuously,the stone no radition, no harm to health and rich in minerals.

We use latest type reducer and good quality, all parts of machine materials are stainless stee the tray thickness we use is 2.5mm, the hopper thickness is 2.5mm. And one side of the frame can be open, so you can check the motor and reducer at any machine cross arm is stainless steel and covered by stainless steel

We use sand stone,this kind stone has suitable hardness,wearing resisting,no radiation,uniform particles,delicate texture and rich in silicon,calcium,zinc,iron oxide and other mineral.

peanut butter grinder

We also have another machine with automatic feeding part, which can make the blanking more even and help you save labor

peanut butter production linepeanut butter production line

stone mill advantage Our machine advantage is low rotating speed,only 30-33 rpm/min, so the tahini is not hot,the sesame nutrition, taste and mineral can be kept well, such as protein,VE,calcium,phosphrous, iron etc will not be destroyed.we also have sesame washing machine, sesame destoner ,sesame roaster. And we guarantee that if the stone crack in five years (not human reason), we will provide the new stone for free.


tahini machine price tahini making machinetahini machine factory

Our factory

we have been in stone mill business for nearly 40 years, we exist relay on quality, reputation and credit.

tahini paste machine

Our millstones are cut from large natural stones to the required size and then hand-carved by experienced craftsmen

tahini machinery

Client visit

We have many customers at home and abroad such as Lebanon, Oman, Philippines, Canada, Italy, Vietnam, India Thailand,US and so on.

tahini machine

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