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Stone mill grinding sesame oil is the best of all sesame oils

Nov 16, 2019

Stone mill grinding sesame oil is the best of all sesame oils

Speaking of sesame oil, there are many people who love to eat, and the scent of sesame seeds is thick. If you sprinkle it on any dish, the taste will be icing on the cake!

In my childhood memories, sesame oil is the favorite seasoning for the family, and some must be sprinkled in the dishes.sesame oil

The sesame oil is both a condiment and a "longevity food"image

Stone mill grinding sesame oil is made from selected sesame seeds and made by traditional techniques such as stone grinding mill.

The stone grinding process produces a maximum temperature of only 60-65 ° C. The sesame oil produced in this way is particularly rich in flavor and can completely retain various nutrients such as vitamin E and linoleic acid.

sesame oil pressing machine

Among them, the stone mill grinding sesame oil is completely retained linoleic acid, the content is as high as 40%.Linoleic acid is an unsaturated fatty acid and is an essential fatty acid.Unlike the saturated fatty acids of animal such as, it is easily metabolized by the human body, but it is beneficial to the body.Today, when the “three highs” are getting younger and younger, it is really necessary to reduce the intake of animal oil and replace it with sesame oil, which is beneficial to the human body.


In addition to sstone mill grinding sesame oil, there are many different kinds of sesame oil on the market. What is the difference?

Mixed sesame oil: A blend of sesame oils is mixed with other oils and sesame oil, which greatly reduces nutrition.

Machine sesame oil: machine high pressure extract sesame oil, high temperature environment, loss of sesame part of nutrients.

Stone mill grinding sesame oil: using traditional grinding machine stone mill, the temperature is only about 60~65 °C, and the nutrition is intact.