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Stone mill grinding sesame oil product process

May 21, 2019

Stone grinding sesame oil is a local traditional product.The sesame oil is divided into stone sesame oil and machine-pressed sesame oil according to the production method. The stone sesame oil is fragrant smell and the rich fragrance. The sesame oil is called the oil top product. People regard the sesame oil as the "oil crop queen" and the sesame oil as the "plant fat king".


The main tool for stone sesame oil is stone grinding machine. After the sesame is roasted, it is ground by a stone mill to form a sauce. Pour a certain proportion of high-quality drinking water into the sauce, and use the different proportion of oil and water ,to replace the oil from the sauce. It is called the “water substitute method” in the national standard.

Production process 1: sesame roasting

The stone sesame oil is rich in nutrients. Before the raw materials are put into the hopper, the sesame seeds are first roasted to promote produce nutrients such as sesame phenol, sesamin, and sesame phenolicin which are beneficial to the human body. 

Our Electromagnetic Roller Roasting Machine adopts high-frequency electromagnetic heating technology to make the pot directly heat up without using any heat conduction method, so the thermal efficiency can reach over 95%, the pollution is reduced by 95%, and the movement life can reach 40,000 hours. , equipped with intelligent control system, low requirements for cooking skills.1551489796(1)

Production process 2: stone mill grinding

The stone grinding process is low temperature and low pressure, process temperature is only 

40-50 ° C, so it will not destroy the aromatic substances and functional nutrients in the sesame oil. Our stone mill uses natural sandstone white stone to resist heat and high temperature, and can work continuously for 24 hours.

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Production Process 3: Water instead of oil Method 

It is easy to separate the oil embryos with high-quality drinking water. No chemical solvent is added during the oil extraction process, so there is no chemical solvent residue. At the same time, the water production process makes the heavy metals harmful to the human body precipitate from the sesame oil because of the specific gravity. Therefore, the sesame oil obtained by this method is completely healthy.

Sesame oil making machine