Commercial Peanut Butter Machine For Sale

stone mill ---it is china ancient traditional food processing tools which as more than two thousand years of history. for thousands of years,it undergo vicissitudes, trails and hardships. but it always mill grain slowly in the oldest position. it is a cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, is a special seal , marked with some deep memory

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Commercial peanut butter machine for sale

Product Introduction

peanut butter grinding machine is made from stone , we use natural sandstone. this kind stone has suitable hardness, wearing resistant, uniform particle, delicate texture and rich in silicon,calcium, zinc, iron oxide and other minerals. the peanut butter from stone mill low temperature ,so peanut butter nutrition and taste can be kept well

peanut butter machinepeanut butter machine

Product Parameter









Two mills unit22038017.23700
Four mills unit44038032.27200

Detailed Description

tahini process machine

This is the feed hopper, used for storage and buffering, made of thick stainless steel plate

This is a grinding disc made of high-quality natural sandstone. The main abrasive parts are very wear-resistant and contain a variety of minerals. It can be ground at low temperature and at a low speed, and the grains are well preserved.

tahini paste making machine

peanut paste making machine

This is a stone-ground splicing tray and base. The receiving tray and the base frame are made of stainless steel. The thickness of the receiving tray is 2mm. The base is equipped with the best quality motor and reducer.

Food Display

peanut butter

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Pre sale Service

1) Confirm the voltage in your region, we will customized it as your demands for free.

2) Confirm the nearest port to your location and provide delivery cost for your reference.

3) Take real pictures or video of the goods, send them to you to confirm.

4) Any techincal questions about our machines, our engineer team will solve it within one day.

After-sale Service

1) Make one English instructions in time for your reference.

2) We provide 5 year warranty. During this period, we will provide the spare parts at factory price or for free.If there is something wrong with the quality, we promise change one for you for free.

3) For large production line, we can send engineers to help you install.

4) Any questions, you can email or call us anytime, we will solve it immediately.

Customer visit

Customer visit

Packing and Shipping

For different machines, the packaging will be different. We support wooden box packaging. If large machines or production lines, it will be directly packed in containers. We support shipping. If you need it, we can also send the machine to your agent in China. We will guarantee the safe delivery of the goods to you.



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