Peanut Butter Machine For Small Business

Peanut butter grinder is an equipment for fine grinding treatment of particles, fluids and semi-fluid materials. It is made of natural sandstone, so it is called stone mill. The basic principle of the stone grinding machine is to apply strong shearing force, friction force and vibration to the nut materials such as peanuts through the relative linkage between the fixed teeth and the movable teeth, so that the materials are effectively crushed, emulsified, homogenized, It is gentle to obtain satisfactory finely processed products.

Product Details

Peanut butter machine for small business

Machine display

peanut butter machinepeanut butter machine

This product is made of natural sandstone and is mainly suitable for the production and processing of households, restaurants, supermarkets, and catering industries. It is low-speed grinding and authentic. It can process nut butter, sesame butter, sesame oil, peanut butter, etc. Sesame sesame oil stone grinders of various specifications produced and sold are strictly hand-made in accordance with traditional stone grinding tooth angles and sizes. The stone grinding teeth are meticulous and tidy, clear and sharp, and have a longer service life and endurance. Higher, better and better when grinding raw materials.

Stone grinding parameters




Upper disc thickness(cm)lower disc thickness(cm)power(kw)voltage(v)
production linecustomized according to client requirement

Detailed description

peanut butter machine

peanut butter machine

Hopper and tray stainless steel thickness 2mm.

bearing cap


Bearing cap is stainless steel thickness 2 mmBearing and mill navel are both stainless steel

Food display


Unit display

one set group model


set of two machines

sesame sauce machine

set of four machines

Production line workshop

peanut butter machine

peanut butter machine

Company Profile

Jinan Enying Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large group company with many factories.Located in Zhangqiu City, Shandong Province, China. Our company is one of the professional stone mill manufacturers in China, mainly producing food processing machinery, such as flour/sesame paste/soymilk stone mills and production lines. We have been in the stone mill business for 40 years, so we can provide you with professional advice and provide you with the right machine.Our company adheres to the concept of customer first, deeply understands customer needs and meets customer needs.


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