Nut Butter Grinder Commercial

stone mill ---it is china ancient traditional food processing tools which as more than two thousand years of history. for thousands of years,it undergo vicissitudes, trails and hardships. but it always mill grain slowly in the oldest position. it is a cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, is a special seal , marked with some deep memory

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nut butter grinder commercial

tahini machine factory

nut butter grinder commercial is the machine which use natural stone.

This machine is used for grinding the sesame paste , peanut butter . It can keep the nutrition of sesame to the most extent. The smell is good, taste good.

Low noise, easy operate, suitable for farm stay, restaurants, small workshop and big factory.

nut butter grinder commercial

tahini machine factory

nut butter grinder commercial is Multi-purpose: it is suitable for sesame and many different nuts. the sesame and nuts should be roasted

peanut butter production process

tahini machine factory

tahini machine factory


Nut butter making machine

Cashew nut grinder

home used nut butter grinder

All stone of high quality manufactured stone, in the traditional process based on the integration of new technologies, most of the polishing the finished product retains the original nutrition, low speed, low temperature mill, will not damage the wheat, sesame seeds, etc. feed nutrients. It is the real green natural health products.peanut butter production in zimbabwe


Package:.first check the machine,make sure everything is ok and packed in wooden package.

We will reinforce the package to avoid damage during transport.

2.we will send you the picture before and after packing.

Delivery time:Within 10 working days after receiving the deposit.

Quality Guarantee Terms:stone guarantee five years.Malfunctions which are caused by machine itself and quality will be responsible for our company. Other malfunctions which are caused by operation mistakes, man-made problems, etc will be responsible for clients-self.






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