Peanut Butter Making Machine Price In China

We are manufacturer Peanut Butter Making machine is stone mill,we use natural stone which was get from mountain. The stone mill has low rotating speed ,so low temperature,so the nutrition,taste and other minerals can be kept well.

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peanut butter making machine price in china


The line is small peanut butter production line, which includes roasting machine, cooling machine, roasted peanut peeling machine, selecting belt, grinding machine, storage tank, mixing tank and filling machine. All material contacting with food are stainless steel 304. Good quality. It is suitable for small factory or new factory business.

automatic peanut butter production line

1.stone grinder use natural stone,  slow rotating speed, only 33 rpm/min,so the nut butter and tahini not hot , the nut butter  and tahini nutrition and taste can be kept well.

2.peanut butter tahini sesame paste stone grinder production line save much labor cost.  

fully automatic: one person to operate a machine with automatic feeding, automatic baskets surface. 

3.This machine can be used to produce all kinds of peanut butter and sesame butter.It has the advantage of big capacity and can put the whole peanut in the machine to make peanut butter.

4.We have different type peanut butter making machines according to your budget, so you will surely find the most suitable one.

samll peanut butter production line




Customer visit video

samll scale peanut butter production


1. We always welcome customers to visit our manufacturing factory and get to know more about us. 

2. Customers can see all the manufacturing workflows when they visit our factory.

3. We also send engineers to the customer's place to help with the installation!

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