Healthy Almond Milk Grinding Machines

With its rich nutrition and health care value, soy milk has become a delicacy on the table of many families. The concept of "a cup of fresh soymilk keeps health every day" has been accepted by many people. The stone mill is driven by electricity, and the speed of the stone mill is slow. The soy milk produced is uniform and fine, allowing the soybeans to fully release protein and various nutrients. The tofu made from green, healthy, nutritious, soft and white Snow, long cooking time, long aftertaste.

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Healthy almond milk grinding machines

Product description

This machine is mainly used for making soybean/almond milk or tofu by grinding the soybean or almond and other raw materials.Traditional process technology- stone mill. Running speed of stone is slow and uniform. The soybean /almond milk you got is very fine. Almond/soybean protein are full released by grinding. Unique mineral nutrient elements and soybean natural are full mixed.  Stone processed tofu, soft, tender, soft bottom as white as snow, long cooking is not old, long aftertaste.  Soya bean milk, with its rich nutrition and health care value, has become a good food on many family tables at present.

stone mill

Machine parameters

upper stone


botton stone


upper stone



botton stone








Food display


The bean products produced by the stone grinding teeth at a slow speed evenly run fully retain the true color and pure aroma of the beans. Not only are the bean products high in content and rich in nutrients, but also the pulp is delicate, the bean aroma is strong, and the beans are retained. The products are rich in many kinds of trace elements. It also avoids the destruction of nutrients caused by high temperature and high pressure in contemporary large-scale machinery production. Does not contain any additives, brighteners, original color and flavor, good taste. It has the health care effects of lowering blood lipids, blood sugar, and promoting body fluid and beauty.

Comparison of stone-milled soybean milk and mechanical soybean milk


Mechanical processing:  Soy milk is ground at high temperature, destroying the natural aroma of soybeans, and even the burnt taste.

Stone-milled soy milk:  The original flavor, rich bean aroma, and fresh taste.


Mechanical processing:  When the soybean milk machine processes the soybean milk, the nutrition of soybeans is seriously lost after high-speed cutting, grinding, and high temperature.

Stone-milled soybean milk:  It retains the vegetable protein, phospholipids, vitamin B1, B2, iron, calcium and other minerals in the soybean milk, which is beneficial to the body's absorption and health.


Mechanical processing:  Soymilk mechanical soymilk machine is complicated to operate, difficult to learn and high maintenance cost.

Stone-milled soybean milk:  It integrates refining, filtering, heating and selling, convenient and hygienic, and simple to operate.

Viewing effect

Mechanical processing:  Soy milk is poorly visible, unable to attract the attention of consumers, and has no publicity effect.

Stone milled soybean milk:  The original ecological stone mill has a novel, simple and natural design. Once it is put on the street, it can produce crowd gathering effects, increase consumers' desire to buy, and have a powerful advertising effect.


Mechanical processing:  Soymilk machinery has a high risk factor and complex structure, which is not suitable for non-professionals.

Stone ground soy milk:  Simple operation, one person can easily operate.

Operation video

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We mainly focus on manufacture and export : Food processing machinery ,like tahini stone mill, roti /tortilla/chapati production line and all kind of flange.

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